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Roof Asset Management: Preventive Maintenance to Beat Monsoon Woes

May , 15
Roof Asset Management: Preventive Maintenance to Beat Monsoon Woes

Roof Asset Management

A large part of the US experiences rains from June to October. While this replenishes groundwater and relieves people from the scorching heat, it is not good news for the owners of commercial facilities. As the heavy rains come in it brings along multiple roofing challenges in the form of roof leaks, hail damage, water clogging, guttering system issues, and much more. Preventing such issues, however, is possible by following a few roofing precautionary measures.

How Preventive Maintenance Helps?

Preventive maintenance involves inspecting a property’s roofing system through a systematic approach, at least twice a year. Most roofing companies inspect the roofing systems under their roof asset management programs once in fall, and once in spring. Availing a comprehensive roof asset management program represents a great solution to identify damages caused by storms, lightning, hail or storm, and minimize repair costs. According to the GAF Roofing Solutions Preventive Maintenance Manual, the lack of a roofing preventive maintenance program can cost up to $54,700 per year.

Ways to Beat the Rainy Season

Consider these tips to identify common roofing problems, fix them, and keep large roofing expenses at bay.

Mark the Problems in the Roofing Area

Capture photos of your property’s roofing system from multiple angles before and after the rainy season. This would help you monitor the changes, and take required maintenance or repair actions to restore your roofing system back to its original shape. It will also help you facilitate an insurance claim, in case you need one.

Create a Disaster Management Plan

Remember, hurricanes, and hail storms come uninvited. Devising a comprehensive disaster management plan is extremely important to prepare your property’s defense against the vicissitudes of nature. To tackle such natural elements, check your county’s website and download all the latest information on hurricane guide and other natural adversities.

Manage Foot Traffic on the Roof

Needless to say that foot traffic is often the biggest factor that damages roofing systems. Inexperienced workers often harm the roofing membrane while working on a particular roofing system. To mitigate such issues, install walk pads on your roof’s high traffic areas, and always refer to professional roofing companies that have experienced technicians.

Communicate to Tenants

Encouraging your tenants to keep you informed about any potential roof leaks, hail damages, billowing, or tenting, is another great way to protect your building during the rainy season. Through regular communication, let the tenants help you identify any and all roofing issues, to help ensure they don’t translate into a major repair cost.


While the above tips help you effectively handle the challenges of the rainy season, when opting for a preventive maintenance program, always seek a company that offers customized solutions. A customized roof asset management program caters to the specific maintenance needs of your property. Professional RAMP programs, such as offered by SRG Roofing, entail detailed reports about the roofing issues in your property, to help you use it further for insurance claims, budgeting, property valuation, and legal ramifications. At the same time, the program ensures that you have no concerns over manufacturer’s warranties, maintenance or inconsistent documentation. If you wish to learn more about, preventive maintenance or our roof asset management program, we are just a call away.

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