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Silicone Roofing: A Solution for Generations

May , 30
Silicone Roofing: A Solution for Generations

Silicone Roofing

Roofing a property every 10-15 years takes up a lot of time and money. It also creates waste that is harmful for the environment. Silicone coating a roof reduces the maintenance cost, while also benefiting our ecosystem. Silicone coating can be applied to any kind of roof to double its life and gain some additional advantages.

What a Silicone Roof Coating can do for Your Property

Prolonged exposure to sunlight or rain water makes the roof coatings chalky and discolored. Roof coatings provide protection from damage caused by harsh weather conditions. This makes it important to select a roof coating solution that has the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. Silicone roofing provides immense strength to the roofs to face challenges such as water pooling and also protects it from the damages caused by UV rays. Silicone coating has substantially reduced the construction and maintenance cost.

Single Coat Application

Silicone coating is thick in consistency as compared to acrylic coatings. This implies that a single coating is sometimes enough to provide ample protection to your roof. Single coating saves time and labor invested on coating the roof multiple times to repair the damage caused by harsh weather conditions. It also helps in fixing errors in the slope by adding height that helps in avoiding water ponding on the roofs.

Effective Waterproofing

Nothing handles ponding water better than silicone coating. It forms a waterproof layer on the roof and does not allow water to permeate. It handles waterlogging on the roof efficiently and even adds to its strength as it completely stops leakage. In addition to this, silicone roofing doesn’t degrade over time.

Easy to Apply

Silicone coating is easy to apply, does not need any pre-treatment and can be applied in any season. Silicone coating doesn’t degrade as a result of fluctuating temperature and can withstand humidity which acts as an added advantage.

Environment Friendly

Silicone roof coating has a very low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) level that makes it safe to use in any set up. It also reduces asphalt roofing waste, by substantially reducing the need for re-roofing frequently.

Things to do Before Silicone Roof Coating

  • Silicone application needs to be done on a perfectly dry roof. If there is water, it has to be completely removed so that the coating sticks and dries up quickly.
  • Apply silicone coats when the roof is completely dry even if you have applied base coat. As silicone is a vapor barrier, it may bubble if the roof is wet. The bubbling caused due to humidity, can however be removed by popping the bubbles and followed by one more coating.
  • Protect the loose seams and roof edges with reinforcing tapes because silicone coating is slippery and may drip on the boards below. This has to be strictly done because after the silicone coating is done, your roof is all set for 20+ years and you may have a tough time fixing the boards without removing the roof.


Silicone roofing in Florida has become a preferred choice among property owners. This coating strengthens a roof better than other applications and makes it last for generations.

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